PhoenixStory: An Intro

I started this blog as a virtual diary for penning my thoughts so that I can heal myself. Who am I? Well...the world calls me a widow, the forces call me a war widow, but I call myself a married woman whose husband is now in a place akin to Alice's Wonderland. It could even be Peter Pan's Neverland for all I care. The bottom line is that we no longer physically live together because of unforseen circumstances or as is popular in the forces "due to service exigencies".

Do I regret the kind of life I am presently living? To be brutally honest, YES, I mean, who likes to move around amidst people with their eyes either filled with pity  (as in "poor thing") or sarcasm (as in "look at her!!! No shame and no remorse!!!). Or its at times lust whereby people think that I am readily available to toy around with since I have "no strings attached" now. Well, its been six years and attitudes of majority is yet to change.  Yet, I have now stopped bothering about what people think.  It has been six years since I have been living the kind of life I am living. Actually no! I started living in the real sense of the term since past three years only.

So...this blog is going to be exclusively about my journey that began on a fateful thursday and this is the introductory post. Why am I writing? Obviously for continuing my journey in search of complete healing. And...whom am I writing for? To be honest, for myself and my daughters. But if it helps you dear reader in feeling blessed that we both at least have a life to live and be thankful for it, I think my writing will have value. I am personally not a believer in sob stories because life is too short to be squandered away with tears. More so when tears taste sweet as they flow while I am happy. Idealism and Utopia are a dream I wish could be real but they are not. life journey is going to be my reflections on moments that I have been through leaving a bit of food for thought in the end.

After all, it is going to be a Phoenix's Story.


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