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P.S: Moments Count

The irony of life is we live in days and years, yet it is not days, weeks, months or years that define our existence. A life lived well is made up of cherished moments and not the number of breaths we have taken. Sadly, it is only after a death in the family, own family, that the importance of life comes to the forefront. In fact, one never thinks about living life in moments unless someone close to us has died. After my husband died, I got a lot of time to introspect. In fact, much more than what a normal person would have got, thanks to me being pregnant. So... as I looked within and travelled down the memory lane, I realised that if I counted my married life with my sweetheart in days and months, I had barely lived with him. Inspite of being married for six years our days of being together in the same place was less than a year. Does that mean we were not happily married? Or we didnot have a life as a couple? Well, the answer is NO because when I started counting the moments we h