P.S: Moments Count

The irony of life is we live in days and years, yet it is not days, weeks, months or years that define our existence. A life lived well is made up of cherished moments and not the number of breaths we have taken. Sadly, it is only after a death in the family, own family, that the importance of life comes to the forefront. In fact, one never thinks about living life in moments unless someone close to us has died.

After my husband died, I got a lot of time to introspect. In fact, much more than what a normal person would have got, thanks to me being pregnant. So... as I looked within and travelled down the memory lane, I realised that if I counted my married life with my sweetheart in days and months, I had barely lived with him. Inspite of being married for six years our days of being together in the same place was less than a year. Does that mean we were not happily married? Or we didnot have a life as a couple? Well, the answer is NO because when I started counting the moments we had spent together, be it in the same place, in virtual world and over phone calls, I knew I was richer than many rich people put together. A relationship doesnot depend on being physically together 24x7. It needs both people to be together in heart, mind and soul. Sounds like stuff fairytales are made of? But that is the reality.

Coming back to my introspection, the realisation that life is all about moments made me view life in a whole new light. Did it mean that my life was filled with joyous moments only that day onwards? No, not at all because joy and sorrow are part of the life cycle. When one comes the other is lined up next. I have had my ups and downs since that day. I still do. However, that has never deterred me from viewing life with happy positive glasses. I made "This too shall pass" my life mantra and learnt to find joy in life's little things. The aroma of freshly baked bread, the earthy fragrance from nature when raindrops hit the ground after a dry spell, the smile on a child's face, music in loud laughs, all started appealing me.

I now call myself a female Peter Pan, a child who never grew up. Do I sound waffled or  have I gone wonky? If you think so, then take a deep breath, close your eyes and recollect your childhood. If you have had a happy childhood, you will realise that the beauty which childhood has can never be found in adulthood. And I attribute this change in me to my sweetheart, the man I have been married to. He may no longer be physically present with me but he still in my heart mind and soul. Hence, I do take an offence when someone calls me a widow because I consider myself as still married.

My happiness now is in living every single minute of my existence and fill my life with moments. They can be good or bad, but when I look back at them they are nothing but life lessons for me. I hope you, dear reader, find your happiness too and may every moment of your life bring you loads of happiness and peace. Your inner peace is within you.


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