PS: Friends Forever

I cannot ease your pain,
Have no answers to your why,
Yet whenever you need,
I'll always stand by.

Life for us is strange,
Irrespective of our age,
We are outwardly strong,
While emotions inside rage.

I cannot wipe your tears,
I don't want to too,
Coz if you do not vent out,
You can never be you.

Share your feelings with me,
Cry till your eyes turn red,
I won't judge or stop you,
I'll hear your words unsaid.

And when you're done just sigh,
Adjust your crown and smile,
You are a Phoenix rising strong,
You live a life worthwhile.

Your life purpose will unfold,
When the time is right,
You will find your peace,
Don't give up your fight.

Yet when you feel weak,
When you feel small,
Unburden your soul here,
You have a friend in us all.

Each of us have our journey,
Our roads are ours to choose,
Yet each one a beacon for others,
We are Phoenix on the loose.

PS: For every single strong Phoenix reading this🤗🤗🤗

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